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Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday October 12th

Waiting is difficult for you.  Here in the spiritual realms, where time is not an issue, we do understand this aspect of the illusion as many of us have had lives as humans.  In the spiritual realms all is always just as it should be, perfect.  Within the illusion more and more of you are opening to the Tsunami of Love and to the awareness that you are, each and every one of you, on a spiritual path or, if you prefer, a spiritual mission to assist humanity to awaken and dispel the illusion.

To do that you have to be human!  And that means that you are, to a certain extent – in fact to a very large extent indeed – unaware of the absolute brilliance with which the divine entity that each of you is shines forth, constantly.  You were created…

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Aliyah Marr speaks with Rhonda Smith about individual creative empowerment and social change. Aliyah states that there are more creative geniuses on Earth now than at any other time in the history of mankind. She says that if we rallied our individual creative power, we could change the world virtually overnight, eliminating pollution, crime, and inequality.

Do You Resist Life?

If we, either as individuals or as a society, chose to live more in harmony with nature, we would know that all natural systems have a way of re-balancing. All we have to do is model our systems and way of thinking on natural systems, and these systems that we create will balance themselves naturally. This idea can be used in all facets of life, even down to our monetary systems.

Today developers often place a building on the land with no interest in blending into the landscape or using materials that come from the area. When we do not make an effort to learn what works and what doesn’t, we make a grave error. Eventually, nature takes away the building. If you build an adobe building or rammed earth building in a rainforest, eventually, nature takes that building down.

We resist the natural process with all our might. In this, we are resisting life. When we create cars that pollute and live our lives at the mall, we are so out of contact with life that we cannot connect at all with a sense of natural process. We find it tragic when a tsunammi takes a town, or an earthquake levels a building, but the tragedy actually occured much earlier, when we decided that we could find an exit clause in Nature’s process.

The wider vision is that, although a volcano may erupt or a wildfire get out of control, and destroy acres of land, that land comes back more fertile than ever in a year or two. This is life, and if we worked with it and saw the bigger picture, we would find ourselves in a happier, healthier place.

Our thinking is a colossal hubris; an incredible combination of overweening pride, idiocy, and irresponsibility. We build tall buildings that do not bend, we build towns too close to the sea. We erode the land with our farming techniques, and send fertile soil out river heads to pollute the sea. We think that we can put sewage and garbage somewhere else and it will somehow disappear.

We don’t need most of the chemicals and artificial products made today. These products are poisonous. They are poisoning us and the planet, yet we are told we cannot stop because people will lose their jobs. Why not simply switch to producing substances that are more aligned with natural processes? It is a lie that we can only produce hazardous products and a bigger lie that the economy will collapse if we stop. This is just greed and laziness at the corporate executive and governmental level.

George Oswawa said that Western man is exclusive. Western philosophy resists life, because Western man feels he is superior to life. Everything else may die, but he feels superior and immortal. But the concept of immortality is a ruse to keep you from really living.

In the end, only the life you are living is important. Not what you buy in the mall, drive on the road or have in the bank account. Who but the film buffs and historians care about the stars of former eras? How many statues in city squares interest you? Only the pigeons care.

Revel in your mortality, embrace life, and start living. Take a walk in nature today, and be humble; she has much to teach you.

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr

Mountaintop removal mining is the worst ongoing environmental tragedy our country has ever endured.

Today, I am asking you to join me in stopping it by making your voice heard in Congress. Go to http://www.nrdconline.org/campaign/biogems_cumberland_0309/wgwd3xu4r7x7mdxb?

For too long we have allowed coal companies to get away with using dynamite to literally blow the peaks right off of mountains to get at the coal underneath.

The scars of this destructive practice can be seen up and down Appalachia, where hundreds of mountains have already been flattened, communities harmed, and a once beautiful landscape eviscerated.

Coal may be part of our foreseeable energy future, but that doesn’t mean we should let mining companies destroy biologically diverse forests and fill our rivers and streams with debris.

We need Congress to act now and end the destruction of Appalachian homes and heritage. The bipartisan Appalachia Restoration Act will halt mountaintop removal mining once and for all.

Tell your senators that you want to end mountaintop removal mining now by going to http://www.nrdconline.org/campaign/biogems_cumberland_0309/wgwd3xu4r7x7mdxb?

Let’s prevent more mountains and more communities from becoming the next victims of coal.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Senior Attorney
Natural Resources Defense Council

Thank you for writing to me to express your opposition to opening the Outer Continental Shelf to oil and gas exploration. I appreciate hearing your thoughts about this important energy issue, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

As you may know, Congress acted to protect the federal waters off of the California coast – including waters as close as three miles offshore – from oil and gas exploration in 1981. I am deeply disappointed that the 27-year-old moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling were allowed to expire on October 1, 2008.

After the moratorium expired, the Department of the Interior – under the direction of then-Secretary Dirk Kempthorne – drafted a five-year leasing plan for the newly opened areas. The public comment period for the leasing plan was originally set to end in March 2009, but Secretary Ken Salazar extended the public comment period until September and directed the Department of the Interior to review the leasing plan drafted by the Bush Administration.

I do not believe the United States can drill our way to energy independence, and I am pleased to learn that Secretary Salazar will review the flawed offshore drilling policy of the Bush Administration. According to the Department of Energy, lifting the moratoria will likely not have a significant impact on domestic crude oil and natural gas production or prices before 2030. I also continue to believe that lifting the moratoria on offshore drilling is a false promise and an unnecessary risk. The risk of an oil spill is too great for California’s coast, which is a unique natural resource linked to thousands of jobs in multiple industries.

Please know that I share your concerns, and I will keep your thoughts in mind as I continue working to advance measures that decrease our dependence on oil, invest in clean renewable energy and increase our energy security.

Again, thank you for writing. If you have additional comments or questions, please feel free to contact my Washington, D.C. staff at (202) 224-3841. Best regards.

Sincerely yours, Dianne Feinstein
United States Senator

Further information about my position on issues of concern to California and the Nation are available at my website http://feinstein.senate.gov/public/. You can also receive electronic e-mail updates by subscribing to my e-mail list at http://feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=ENewsletterSignup.Signup.

Repower America

In order to solve the climate crisis, we can’t just change light bulbs — we need to change laws.

We’re closer today than ever before. Right now, Congress is debating clean energy legislation that will jumpstart our economy and help solve the climate crisis.

On this Earth Day, can I depend on you to support this crucial legislation?

Yes. I’ll get 10 people to sign the petition in support of clean energy legislation within the next week.

This is the historic comprehensive energy legislation that we’ve been waiting for. It will create millions of jobs and help solve the climate crisis by closing the carbon pollution loophole.

After so many years of inaction and obstruction, it’s incredible that we have finally reached this point. But the legislative process is never easy. With powerful forces fighting hard to maintain the status quo, it will take all of us working together to seize this moment.

Today, you are one of more than two million Repower America members, and tens of millions of Americans, who want to take positive action for our planet. This is it — a chance to demonstrate nationwide support for clean energy to our leaders in Congress, and help to bring about a new economic era based on clean energy.

So please, talk to your friends. Talk to your parents or grandparents. Start a conversation with a co-worker. And ask them to join with you and the millions of other Americans who want Congress to support clean energy jobs by closing the carbon pollution loophole.

Yes. I’ll get 10 people to support this historic clean energy legislation in Congress.

I support clean energy but I’d like to help in other ways.

Your efforts have brought us this far. I hope you take this opportunity to make this a historic Earth Day.

Thank you,

Al Gore